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Rolfe Clean Up Days May 13th & 14th

Acceptable Items

  1. Roll off dumpsters will be placed at the old recycling area for residents to bring their items to
  2. Branches & twigs in manageable bundles{no large quantities PLEASE} And placed on the street curb
  3. Old appliances, stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, etc $25.00 charge must be paid in advance–contact city hall
  4. Paint cans. Absolutely no liquid paint left in can & remove lids please. Residual paint must be completely dried.
  5. Box springs & mattresses
  6. Toilets, sinks, etc
  7. TVs–Transfer station rates (need sticker from city hall)
  8. Tires–Car $8.00 a tire, Truck $10.00 a tire, Semi $100.00 a tire(need sticker from city hall)
  9. Microwaves–$16.00 ( need sticker from city hall)

Non Acceptable Items

  1. Yard waste:no leaves, grass clippings, or other such items
  2. Household hazardous waste: old cleaners, motor oil , etc
  3. Car/Truck batteries etc
  4. No construction materials or concrete
  5. No tire.s unless sticker is bought at City Hall

If you are unable to take your acceptable items to the dumpster location, put everything at the curb and contact the city hall. City employees cannot help remove items from the house due to liability issues.

DO NOT place non acceptable items at the curb we cannot take them.