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Rolfe Garbage Information

Our new garbage day is Tuesdays. Have your garbage at the curb by 7:30 am. If you are commercial garbage day will be Thursday.

Recycling will continue to be the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.

Bennett Recycling and Sanitation LLC will provide you with a 95 gallon cart that is made of heavy duty plastic with sturdy wheels, making it easy to roll to the curb. They are designed with a wide bottom for stability so they won’t tip over. They can be stored in or next to your garage. We suggest you bag your trash, which will allow items to totally empty out of the container in the unloading process, when hydraulically emptied by our trucks.

THE OPENING OF THE CART MUST FACE THE STREET so that our trucks can access your cart. If it is facing the wrong direction, it will not be emptied. Be sure to keep the lid CLOSED AT ALL TIMES. This will eliminate any animal intrusion and will help minimize any excess moisture. The carts may be rinsed out as needed to eliminate odors.

The carts are the responsibility of Bennett Recycling and Sanitation LLC, and we will be responsible for upkeep of the carts under normal usage. Please treat this container as if it were your own, as you will be responsible for any abuse of your cart. Do not run into or back over the cart, and DO NOT put ashes of any kind into the cart–this could damage or disfigure it. Every cart has a serial number that is registered to your account for your protection against theft. If you move or relocate, please notify City Hall, as each cart is registered with each address. If missing or damaged, you will be charged a replacement fee of $125.00.

We are fully automated, helping to control insurance costs and reach federal, state, and county mandated goals of waste reduction. We have 59 years of sanitation experience, as well as 34 years of recycling and Roll Off service experience and have invested in our business and equipment to better serve your needs. We are proud to live here, work here and call this area our home. Please call us at 515-379-2110 if you have any questions. Thank you for your present and future patronage.

Bennett Recycling and Sanitation

Dan & Sheila Bennett

Taylor Bennett

ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED BY THE LANDFILL: No batteries, tires, paints, oils, poisons, chemicals, toxic items; NO appliances, TV’s, microwaves, hot water heaters, window air conditioners; NO computer equipment; NO rebar, fence posts; NO brick, block, dirt, rock, cement or yard waste; NO construction matierial; NO burned materials.