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--The City of Rolfe will soon be undertaking a project to repair and rehabilitate the sanitary sewer lines throughout town. A construction contract has been awarded and work is scheduled to begin the first week of August. Some of the work will require local detours of traffic at times and limit access to individual properties during portions of the construction. Please see the contact information at the end of this newsletter if you want to discuss access needs to your property during construction or need further information.
--The work consists of about a dozen sewer pipe spot repairs that will require excavation in the street, about 20 blocks of sewer lining and rehabilitation of about 40 manholes. The work is expected to be completed by October 15th. There may be periods of inactivity throughout the construction project due to weather and coordination with the lining and spot repair work.

--The Contractor would like to make you aware of some common situations that can arise during the sanitary sewer cleaning, lining and construction process.
• High pressure water will be used to clean the existing sewer line prior to lining the sewers. If your house vent is inadequate or plugged, water can sometimes be splashed from toilets onto the floor. If this happens, please notify the contractor immediately and his workers will clean up the floor.
• During the lining process, your sewer line will be temporarily plugged at the main and therefore will be out of service for a number of hours. The contractor will issue a notice to each property owner asking you not to use washing machines, dishwashers or showers, and to limit using water as much as possible during that time. While the lining process is underway, water and solids will build up in the line. If your existing line happens to have some existing blockages such as roots or damaged pipe, the line can become plugged. After the service is cut back open the water will drain out, but if additional solids have been trapped it could cause the line to back up. The contractor will video the service connection to verify that it is open, but any blockages that occur upstream of this point are not the contractor’s responsibility and will have to be remedied at the property owner’s expense. Typically Jetter-Clean or other similar sewer cleaning service can do this for you.

--The General Contractor, Spray Com Utilities, Inc., is responsible for safety within the construction limits. Construction signage, barricades, cones, and temporary fencing will be used to delineate hazardous areas. However, residents should be aware that construction sites in general are dangerous areas. Obey construction signage and stay away from active construction areas. Parents should remind their children not to play within the construction limits both during and after construction hours.

--We do not anticipate that the project will affect either of these services during construction. You will be contacted in the future regarding location and timing for
changes to these services if your property will be affected.

--The contractor for the project is Spray Com Utilities, Inc.
• Scott Jorgensen, from Spray Com will be the project manager for the contractor. Scott can be reached through his cell phone at 660-281-7950. Kyle Judd will be the Project Foreman and can be reached at 660-233-0198.
• We encourage those with project concerns to direct them through the engineering contacts given below.
--The engineer for the project is Bolton & Menk, Inc. of Spencer, IA; 712-580-5075.
• Wes Brown from Bolton & Menk is the consultant engineer for the City of Rolfe. You may call Wes at 507-381-0380, or e-mail him at
• Matt Cole from Bolton & Menk will be on site representing the City during construction. He will be providing construction observation and coordination. You may approach him on site or call him at 507-848-5208 with any questions or comments you may have.

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