Rolfe, Iowa

Welcome to Rolfe, Iowa!

Rolfe is located in Pocahontas County, a flat but gently undulating agricultural area in northwest Iowa. The town was established in 1863 and has over 500 residents.

Rolfe's motto has been, "Some bigger, none better." Some civic leaders and local volunteers are the best you could find anywhere. Among them are dedicated people who help others through home health care programs, hospice, ambulance service, fire department, youth programs, library, churches, schools, disaster relief, and other endeavors.


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City Of Rolfe

City Staff

  City Clerk - Angela Schneider

  Gas Superintendent - Position Open

  Water/Wastewater Superintendent - Dave Sandvig

  City Treasurer - De Sindergard 


City Council

  Mayor - Julie Lancaster

  Council Members:

   Joe Ramaekers

   Al Kuchenreuther

   Dan Allen

   Carl Struve

   Tom Andersen



 Contact us

  319 Garfield St.
  Rolfe, IA 50581