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The City of Rolfe has implemented a Storm Water Utility. Storm water runoff in the form of rainfall or snowmelt flows from saturated permeable surfaced like roofs and paved driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and streets. It can create drainage and flooding problems and picks up pollutants, such as oils, grease, fertilizers, pesticides, litter, and metal. This runoff then can be collected and conveyed by ditches, culverts, intakes, catch basins, and storm sewers that discharge directly into creeks, rivers, streams, and lakes without being treated to remove the pollutants. The storm water utility is being implemented and billed to you because the City needs to raise revenues to fund its storm water utility. This utility safeguards our community directly through infrastructure improvements and maintenance of existing system.

All residential customers pay a $3.00 flat rate.
All non-residential customers pay a $10.00 flat rate.

Contact City Hall: 712-848-3124 with any questions or concerns